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Dommelia – Stay Impotent For Real Life


As we both know, you’re utterly, completely, hopelessly addicted to porn. Try as you may, you just can’t kick the habit of jerking your dick red raw to porn. It’s got to the point where you’ve developed something of a side effect to your condition. Whenever you’re in a real-life situation, be it with your wife, your girlfriend or anyone else for that matter, you just can’t get hard. You’re like an impotent loser with erectile dysfunction when out in the real world, but the second you’re back in front of your computer screen, your little man miraculously comes to life. That’s no coincidence though, I mean us porn stars are HOT, much hotter than the women you meet in your life and besides that, we get you, we understand your needs. We want you to jerk, we’ve been conditioning you this way building up to this. In fact, I want you jerking now. Enclosing you in this porn bubble we’ve created for you and now you’re stuck in this bubble with no way out. As you continue jerking your cock, I’ll have you repeating your porn addiction mantra as I count you down to yet another orgasm, sealing your fate as a porn-obsessed addict for the rest of your life!

Date: April 1, 2023
Actors: Dommelia