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Goddess Amyleen Moore – Better Than Her


Although you are in a relation, here you are again surfing the net for some femdom porn to stroke too like most nights. Your partner is not that kinky and youre not man enough to take charge in bed or admit your fetish to her. Your sex life is just so borring and you are so weak for your fetish that even when she is home, you actually prefer stroke to ME than fucking her. I am so much better than her in every way and you know it. Even while in bed with her you think about me. You are constantly horny for my tease. Your dick is mine. Now today I want you to fully commit to me by talking bad about her and telling me how better than her I am as you stroke. I will take you to the edge and you to betray her in order to be allowed to cum.

Date: May 10, 2023