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American Mean Girls – Princess Amber – Worship on the Patio


While worshipping Princess Amber’s feet she realizes this stupid mutt has been slacking on his CHORES. OBVIOUSLY he is too dumb and slow to learn how to multitask. He was supposed to do Her AND Her Boyfriend’s laundry. Amber’s boyfriend always gets really upset when Her stupid slave doesn’t get his work done and the consequences are always so ROUGH. (Ball shocking, ball busting, watching them have sex, etc) Instead of letting his dumb mutt finish his work before Her Boyfriend gets home (momentarily), he is only allowed to continue worshipping her feet in fear of what will come next when he gets home to realize his laundry hasn’t been finished. Honestly – I hope he’s sentenced to a ball-busting because that IS SO ANNOYING.- Princess Mia

Date: March 31, 2023
Actors: Princess Amber