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Larkin Love – Angry Date Laughing Mean SPH JOI


Date Night Disappointment) Our date went so well. The fun doesn’t have to end at my doorstep. Why don’t you Come inside and play around with me for a while? Mmm, take of those pants and show me what you’ve got, baby! Wait a minute . . . what’s wrong with your dick? Holy cow, is THAT all you’re packing? Are you sure that isn’t your belly button? Wow. What a fucking waste of my time. I can’t believe I bothered to get a Brazilian wax for this bullshit. Here I was, letting you wine and dine me, thinking I’d get laid tonight. What am I supposed to do with that little nubbin you call a penis? HAH! You useless bastard. Go ahead and jerk yourself off, because I’m not touching that gross little weenie. No way. Jerk it and look at this beautiful body you’ll never get to enjoy. How are you keeping your toothpick dick hard through all this? You must be a virgin to be so excited by a little peek at my boobs. You are, aren’t you! Haha, small dicked virgin loser! You’re going to be a virgin forever at this rate. Every date you’ve ever had ends up just like this, doesn’t it – with you handling your sad puny pud while a beautiful woman laughs at you, wishing she’d never bothered to give you her number in the first place.

Date: March 31, 2023
Actors: Larkin Love