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Brat Princess – Amber, Lexi – Use and Humiliate a Loser Looking for a Roommate


Amber and Lexi are very cruel to beta, Danni. They decide to call him Mutt because they can’t remember its name. The girls grill Mutt about his personal life. Danni is just looking for a place to live. He will do whatever it takes to find a home, even if it means answering invasive questions and agreeing to do most of the cleaning. The bratty roommates decide to put Danni to the test. If he is as clean as he claims he is then he will have no problem cleaning Lexis’ sneaker with his tongue. The girls taunt Danni. They goad Danni into cleaning Lexis’ feet with his mouth. Danni feels that this interview has gotten very weird and doesn’t know what any of this has to do with being a good potential roommate. But finding a place to rent isn’t easy and living with two hot girls would be a nice perk. The girls decide that as their roommate Mutt will be paying all of the rent and utilities. They think that’s fair. Also, Danni will not be getting his own bedroom in the arrangement. They have a three-bedroom unit, but the girls already use the third bedroom for storage, so the Mutt can rest in the laundry area. Danni does not think that the arrangement is fair, but Amber explains that she and Lexi are pretty. Pretty girls do not have to make things fair. The girls also explain to Mutt that as their roommate he will be required to wear chastity so that they can feel safe. Both girls take off their shoes and humiliate the small defenseless Mutt. They giggle and smile. Danni can sense his options narrowing. He knows that he has no choice but to go along with whatever the pretty girls decide. The girls trample Danni and make him pay the rent in advance. Next, he will sign the agreement and be locked in chastity. Once all that is complete, he can get started on chores.

Date: April 7, 2023
Actors: Amber / Lexi