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MeanWorld – MeanBitches POV Slave Orders – Emma Rosie – Brat Domme 5


You have been serving Mistress Leya for the last few months. You do everything she tells you and obey every command. You receive a text from her commanding you to be at an address at 4pm. When you arrive, you see a beautiful bratty blonde girl who looks like a younger version of Mistress Leya. She laughs at you and tells you “Damn… my step-mom was right about you! You are a bitch who will do anything!”. You feel your face flush red… you are humiliated to realize this bratty bossy princess is Mistress Leya’s step-daughter! You know better than to disobey her, so you do as you are told. Emma is so bratty… she mocks and degrades you while you get on your knees and worship her sneakers. She tells you that her step-mom said you are going to do all of her college homework for her and do everything she says. You look up at this brat who is half your age and are ashamed of yourself. She orders you to sniff her asshole and you can’t help but become more and more turned on. She makes you worship and lick her ass and feet… and then makes you jerk off to her countdown while you put your nose in her perfect little ass!

Date: May 13, 2023
Actors: Emma Rosie