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Penny Barber – Making You My Son’s Sissy


We asked you to show up a little early because I need to get you ready to entertain everyone. You did not think my son and all his jock friends wanted you to actually party with them? No, sweetie, you are just here as a little femboy party favor. I am going to get you all pretty and sissified so those boys have a blowjob doll for the night. I will do your make-up while you pick out some cute lingerie to wear. Then we need to get that cute little ass filled by this pretty pink plug. Go ahead and give it a little lick so I can slide it in easier for you. The butt plug might be a tight fit but some of the boys coming over are much bigger so you will be glad to have your hole warmed up beforehand, trust me.

Date: May 25, 2023
Actors: Penny Barber