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Lady Blackdiamond, Carmen Rivera, Missy Van Licks, Fox Hole – GREEN PISS – THE CLIMATE ACTIFIST´S


On behalf of GREENPISS, the three actiFists Lady Blackdiamoond, Missy van Licks and Carmen Rivera patrol the GERMAN FOREST as they do every day in search of environmental offenders. The first offence is not long in coming. A drunken English tourist, who stumbles through the bushes comes in front of their visor. They take up the pursuit and while he wants to relieve himself at an old German oak tree he is unceremoniously overpowered and stunned with the noble organic piss of Lady Blackdiamoond. Regaining consciousness, he quickly realizes that there are no excuses to justify his pollution of the environment by his mutt-like urination. He is at their mercy, because the three ladies are “armed” with all kinds of extra size rubber truncheons. Tied to the tree, he must now receive his anal punishment. His asshole is used and stuffed, stretched and humiliated as the protocols of GREENPISS demand. It is pierced mercilessly until the prolapse gets gasps. The rubber beaters drill deep into his gut while he is tied up holding out his now pleasure-giving ass cunt hole. The actiFists engage transparently and violently for the protection of nature and thus ensure that the prostate of the polluter is properly shaken. Resistance is futile. It is fisted – for a clean environment! After done punishment the unworthy environment sinner lies now bound, pissed off and wanked off at feet of the GREENPISS ACTIFISTS which begin to compost him by putting him out to nature. He will be buried under leaves. Naturally biodegradable, of course

Date: April 8, 2023