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Mistress Trish – Ballbusting Compilation 2014: Parts 1-2


Part II: Kicked and Crushed, Tell the Sadist how it Hurts, Kicking him While He’s Down, and Satisfying Suffering: Part I: The Agony of Her Feet, Crushed Ball Pain to Get to Worship Her Feet, Blue Balls for Her Pleasure, Punished for Poor Service: Part II: …Gets Your Balls Busted, Busted And Fried Balls, Kicked in the Balls to Fuck With him While he’s Down, Pent-up Ball Punts, Full Force Ball Punts With Spiky Boots, Balls Busted as Swollen as Possible to Crush Them, and Nice and Rough With His Nuts.

Date: April 14, 2023
Actors: Mistress Trish