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Mistress Misha Goldy – Asmr and Mindfucking Smoking Joi Draining


Look who it is, My little gooner boy who is totally addicted to My smoking red lips. You belong to Me and you’re going to do everything I say because I’ve turned your stupid brain to mush. It wasn’t hard, stoners like you are so easy to manipulate. I want you to start by staring at My perfect lips as you jerk, take them all in. I genuinely am perfect, aren’t I? You and I both know that nothing feels better than getting mindfucked and stroking it to Me. I know how fucking perfect My face is and I love using it to manipulate weak losers like you.Get dumb for Me idiot and serve Me financially! That’s ALL that you crave – that’s what you are suitable for!

Date: May 13, 2023