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MsCakes – point wiggle spread


After lounging around in nothing but a pair of knee-high socks all night long, I decide it’s time to take them off and let my little toes breathe! I notice you getting turned on at the sight of my bare feet and toes, so of course I decide to tease you for a bit ;). Since my feet always feel a bit dry after wearing socks for a long time, I decide to give myself a foot massage with some rich, creamy lotion. I let you watch me slowly rub the lotion all over my beautiful feet, making sure to get it in the creases and between my toes. They look so soft and kissable now, don’t they? I show off my naked body and freshly moisturized feet in many different angles and poses, scrunching my soles and wiggling my toes right in your face.

Date: April 1, 2023