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Ceara Lynch – Beg To Clean


A loyal husband should always greet his hot trophy wife whenever she comes home, especially after fucking another guy. It is so cute that my silly hubby eagerly waits like a for his master and he can even tell that my pussy has just been used by a large juicy cock. I can see that he is hungry, excited to lick my filthy pussy clean of all the cum left by my last fuck. I dont know why he loves to eat me out after having sex with another guy. I know I dont allow my own husband to see my pussy unless he is licking me clean, but he enjoys it too much. I wonder if he is trying to show how devoted of a husband he is by servings as my cuck and cleaning up another mans mess, or if he is just come closeted sissy femboi faggot that simply just loves to eat a mans cum.

Date: March 30, 2023
Actors: Ceara Lynch