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Princess Mindy – Chastity Guided Brainwashing


Chastity guided meditation and brainwashing makes your resistance to having your cock locked up totally disappear!! You resist chastity but only *I* deserve to control your penis and use your hardness against you and this clip will mind melt your thoughts and reprogram you into being a total chastity addict who ends up craving and giving into the cock lock and key!This mind fuck clip has you inhaling My princess vibes and chastity vibes, holding your breath while these magic vibes disarm your thinking, and followed by guided exhales which take away all your resistance.I jingle the keys in your face and laugh as i talk about having your keys in My hands and you being at My mercy… Watch this and end up mind fucked right into chastity!

Date: May 12, 2023
Actors: Princess Mindy