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Lady Kara – Quiet! Doormat doesn’t make any noises! – Boot Worship


Do you remember bastard what that boots done with your cock? You still feeling the pain after all these days. I think it’s time for your face to feel that pain too. I’m gonna have a little fun with your big head. You are personal doormat for my boots and feet. I want to feel your face under my weight. Haha. I see you are scared! Good! You have a reason to be. I stomp and stand on your face and you must to hold on!. Can you feel my sexy body right on your mouth and nose. And prepare slave you’re gonna feel that boots in your throat! I will put as more as I can. You can ****, cry and beg me to stop I don’t care. I want to see how you are trying to take a breathe and you can’t because all your mouth is filled with my boots. Yes, squirm slave, you can do only that! I have a totally control at you. If I have a caprice I can hold that boot a little bit longer in your mouth and you know what will happen? I would need a new slave. Haha. So stop moaning and be obedient. Stop moaning! Doormat doesn’t make any noises. Maybe I take off my boots and give you my sexy stockings to feel on your face and in your throat. But if you think it will be a nice feeling, you are WRONG!

Date: April 1, 2023
Actors: Lady Kara