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Mistress An Li – Beginner’s Guide to Chastity – Asian Goddess


Has masturbation been an issue for you? Would you ever describe yourself as a “jerkaholic”? You spend your time going down a pornhole, touching yourself over and over and over again until your cock feels numb. You spend your spare hours looking for the next orgasmic thrill, the next novel sexual voyeurism to get yourself off.Let me introduce chastity to you. This will be the solution to all your problems. Jerking off has become a compulsion for you, and the only way to resolve that is to remove the temptation. The temptation, of course, is your cock. The solution will be a chastity device.Do you want to be a good bitch? Do you want to please me? Show your appreciation for me with mark-up codes at checkout. You know I deserve the best. Make your adoration known with a little extra for me. It’s what your Step-Daddy wants.

Date: March 31, 2023
Actors: Mistress An Li