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Goddess Foot Domination – Jamie – Jobless Husband – Fetish Foot


Jamie went shopping earlier in the day and the credit card was declined. She was very embarrassed; she had to return all the clothes and shoes she had picked out to the shelves. When her husband got home she was waiting right inside the door to demand an explanation.Her husband explained that he had lost his job 2 weeks earlier but he was too ashamed to that he couldn’t tell her. He had been interviewing everywhere but no luck finding a new job. Jamie is furious that she had been having sex with this penniless man so she had him strip down naked. She put him in chastity and locked up his cock. He will no longer have the privilege of touching his cock until he has a job and until such time he will be serving her.The next day she has him on a leash and collar. She walks him out to the back patio so that she can relax and have a cigarette. She orders her jobless husband to take off her shoes and worship her feet. She explains that when she was at the mall, there was a very wealthy man that was offering to pay for the items she had picked out. She will be calling that man and take him up on that offer now.

Date: May 9, 2023
Actors: Jamie