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foxyfootdom – ELECTRA And REA – The Bar FULL MOVIE


Today is our night out with Electra and we always get crazy. We look sexy and we go to a filthy bar, it looks like for first time girls like us are here. The owner is such a loser and he checks on us, especially our shoes, all night. Everybody left, but we want to continue our night and have some fun with the bar owner!Lick Our Sexy High Heels CleanThe owner wants to close, but we demand one more shot and we invite him to sit with us. He is such a whinny bitch, but we seduce him with our high heels, we know a foot fetish guy! We tell him that the dirty floor made our shoes dirty, so as the owner of the bar he has to lick them clean! He resists, but after few kicks he starts to lick like a bitch! We laugh at him and humiliate him, as he licks the dirt and suck hard the heels and we use him as a carpet on the floor to finish the cleaning!The Owner Is Our FootbitchWe command the bar owner to remove our shoes and massage our feet. Soon our feet are on his face and we start to play and laugh at him! We footsmother him hard and we play football with his head and of course we make him lick and clean our feet, they were all night in these high heels and they need pampering! We make the owner totally submitted under our feet and of course we don’t have to pay anything for him, he must be happy to be under our feet!EXTREME Trampling And Facestanding BeatdownElectra is in sadistic mood and suggests something harder. Of course I agree and we command our new bitch to put a carpet at our feet, or better he should be the carpet! We start to trample him really hard, kicking and stomping his body and face. He begs us under our feet, but we get even harder! We jump on him and we trample his face, until he agrees that we will always consume for free in his bar!Footstool, Foot Worship And HumiliationWe had so much fun, we must do it more often and do some parties in this bar. But now that we have a new slave, we own his everything, right? We use the face of the bar owner to rest our feet and we announce to him that he is the ex-owner, as we will take his bar and he will work for us. He complains, but we shut him up with our feet on his face and when he accepts the new status, we dominate him for fun and make him lick our feet some more!

Date: April 1, 2023
Actors: Electra / Rea