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Raquel Roper – Boyfriend’s Accidental Ending


“The video will be shot in POV, with male talent silent. Your boyfriend had a long, hard day at work. He’s been looking forward to come home to have some fun with you. When he comes home, you tell him that you bought a new bottle of lube. You tell him that it’s pretty popular and that we should try it, as a lot of other people have tried it and liked it. The scene starts off standing in the kitchen POV where you pull down his pants, pour some of that lube on your hand and start jerking his dick, asking how it feels and if he likes the new lube, also with other added dirty talk. After some stroking and pouring some more lube on your hands, the scene then transitions to sitting on the couch POV. (leave the lube in the kitchen) At that point, you take our top off and continue stroking his dick, with your hands still wet from the lube. With added dirty talk, you say that you must’ve been thinking about this all day at work, and you couldn’t stop thinking about it. Just when he’s about to cum, you look for the lube bottle because you wanted to add more lube. When you see that it is overthere in the kitchen, you stop stroking to get the bottle of lube. When you’re getting the bottle, he cums, and his orgasm gets ruined by accident. When you come back, you see that he already came, and you say “Oh my god, you came?! I am so sorry that your orgasm got ruined. It was an accident.” Feeling bad, You say “next time, I’ll make sure you will have a happy ending orgasm. And it looks like the lube did it’s job.”

Date: May 22, 2023
Actors: Raquel Roper