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Goddess Maya Liyer – Lock Down Breakdown Part 2


This poor little intern boy, stuck in Lock down with Me his Boss and subject to My blackmailing/grooming process, watch his suffering begin in the 10 part Intern Lock down series available here The end of that series culminated with a series of audios, firstly Me securing this pathetic sex slave, spreadeagled to the bed during its first evening in Lock Down, teasing it, removing it’s chastity device and fucking it like a sex toy while I slapped it around like the little bitch it is, My bitch.  Anyone that has followed My training methods over the years know that I like to be relentless with the and crush all of the dignity out of My lowly male employees, it makes them so much more obedient and unquestioning.I keep this slave in the gold slave fucking room during the evenings, chained spreadeagled to the bed and locked in chastity, ready for Me to use and if I decide to feed My ferocious sexual appetite. The audio of his first night as My “human sex toy” is here…Intern’s First Night in Lock Down  The next evening however I started off in My boudoir, it is next to the slave fucking room and I have My door open. I want this pathetic fuck toy to hear Me listening to the recording I made of Me fucking it as it struggled and begged Me to stop, during its first night. I love Using My vibrator to bring Myself to orgasm as I watch back My videos or listen to My audios of Me these worthless slaves, I then make a recording of that and use it again and again recording as I go, sometimes I make My fuck toys hold My ipad over their faces so that I can watch or listen to  Myself them as I fuck Myself too orgasm on their slave cocks. Imagine that you are the sex slave chained to the bed and you can hear Me doing this in the next room, you are beaten, exhausted, but terrified of going to rest in case you are during the night, how would you feel? That clip is here Multi LayeredAfter I had finished bringing Myself to Orgasm in this audio I waited until the fuck slave was resting and then entered its room at 4am, the sight of a napping fuck meat, chained to the bed, almost begging Me to ride it makes Me lick My lips with sadistic glee I climbed top of My fuck meat and took what I wanted. Listen to this tied down bitch getting scratched, slapped and spit on as I fuck him against his will until I am satisfied, then he is sent to rest in his cage as I return to My boudoir Intern ViolationLock Down Breakdown Pt 1 is the day after, you can see that the intern boy is broken, look at his pathetic eyes, see how exhausted he is after suffering at My hands during the evenings, this fuck toy has been worn out and broken down psychologically, he is weak, just how I like them.After being repeatedly, fucked and beaten senseless like a rag doll, he must suffer further and degradation in front of My army of loyal fans watching these clips. Look at how pathetic, scared and obedient he has become as I fuck his mouth with My leather gloved fingers and slap him around the face as I yank his chain and verbally destroy him. This is how employees are broken down into mindless drones in My company, this is how I use men. After suffering this repeated, sustained he is starting to break down mentally, his reality is becoming dreamy as I continue to slap and beat him about the head, he will learn complete and utter obedience and servitude.Now in this clip it must lick My shoes, see how it is learning, it’s no longer nervous anymore, weeks of physical and psychological have made this boy so fearful, so eager to serve and please Me, its drifting off into a mesmerizing sub space as I take a tighter control of it every day. I dig My heel into its shoulder blades and film it as it licks My shoes and grovels on its belly. Watch Me tease it with My nylon clad legs and and My lingerie ass as I rub Myself, laughing at how subhuman this slave is becoming. its turning from a “man” into a mindless slave for My use and amusement, just how I like them, I wonder how much longer this one is going to last before it is of no more use to Me and is thrown in the gutter as I hunt for fresh meat.What would you give to take his place?

Date: May 3, 2023