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Women in Charge – Boss become slave – Very brutal trampling


The secretary find out that her boss stolen lot of money from the company. She calls him to her but he is on holiday so he come but very angry. She blackmails him to gives her higher salary and position. But it was not in enough she him to be her slave. First time she orders him to lick to clean her dirty high heels. She very enjoy it lough at him and humiliates him verbally. After she humiliates him with stinky stockinged feet. She blackmails and him with the riding stick to do lot of big sniff. He tries to resist but he has no escape. She wants him to her slave forever. After she him to lick her stockinged feet and suck her toes. Later she him to lick to clean her very dirty and muddy feet. The boss very hates it but now he is not a boss. He is only a slave. She afraid of his sin’s consequence so he hast obey and lick to clean her ex secretary’s feet. She very enjoy to humiliates and totrures him. After she fuck her virgin mouth with her dirty feet. It is very painfully him and he cries and begs for mercy but she doesn’s show. Later she smother him very cruelly with her dirty feet. She him with blackmail and same time humiliates and spanks him. He screams like a pig. In this clip she and humiliates more. She trampling and jumping on his weak body and face. She standing on him and same time him to lick her dirty soles and smothers with her foot. Stomping his body, face and balls. Poor guy feel exremly pain and screms to mercy. But she very loves to do this with her boss. All over the clip humiliates him verbally and lough at him.

Date: March 31, 2023