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Bratty Foot Girls – Vanessa Waterfall, Maria Marley, Lizzy Lamb, Luna Vera, Jason Ninja – 5 Girl Gang Ball Destroyers


Ninja has finally been caught out. Did he really think he could date all these hot brats and not get caught? Today is his worst nightmare! 5 of the Brats have come together to teach him a little lesson. They know of his cheating ways and will now make sure he never cheats again, by OBLITERATING his balls and cock! They grab him and hold him up as each girl takes turns thumping his balls with their feet. He tries to slump to recover but they keep him up so he has to keep taking the ! After a few monutes of insane kicks, he is left to slump on the floor in a ball, however the girls aren;t done with him. They stand over him and pin him under foot and continue to stomp REALLY hard on his cock and balls, smashing his manhood into dust! They trample his prone body not letting him get up, so they can continue to grind their feet into his junk. This is a REALLY hot clip especially if you like a bit of ballbsusting and trampling combined!

Date: April 15, 2023