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The Fetish Couple – Destroyed With Five Wedges – Close Up Compilation


I’m back after a long break from trampling and I want to make one hell of a comeback! I have FIVE pairs of wedges picked out for this clip, and I plans to trample Ken’s vulnerable balls with each pair, for two songs each, and as I change of shoes, I will JUMP and STOMP even HARDER! This clip is INSANELY BRUTAL! I held nothing back and wanted to show my slave just how MERCILESS I CAN BE!As the first pair of shoes begins I carelessly march all over my slaves testicles. I stomp harder and harder to the beat, and he begins to show signs of swelling and bruising. The Second pair is even harder, and by the the third pair, it’s amazing there anything left of this man! I still have two more pairs of shoes, and I want to be sure I teach Ken just how evil I can be! The fourth pair is extremely comfortable for me, and this bad new for my slave, because I start STOMPING AS HARD AS I CAN! I aim directly for his balls, and want to see just how much they can take before they burst! I jump high and come crashing down on his manhood over and over with all my! He moans and whines, but I don’t care. This is only encouragement to me, because this is supposed to hurt! As the final two songs come on, I put my brand new, sharp black wedges on. I’m going to make him! I MARCH RELENTLESSLY! With complete disregard for the pile of flesh beneath me! My slave is in agony, and this excites me. I JUMP over and over! Back to back, with no break for his balls. I can’t believe they haven’t exploded, as I am jumping as hard as I can! I don’t stomp for the entire two songs, and as the end nears, I decide to give him a few more jumps as HARD AS I POSSIBLY CAN! WOW! The rush from this destruction is overwhelming! I’m so proud of my work, and I make sure to zoom the camera in for everyone to see! This clip is setting the precedence for clips to come! I’M BACK!

Date: May 27, 2023