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Latex Barbie – Stops and Starts


You know what, foot bitch? I don’t think you deserve mercy. I don’t think you deserve an orgasm today. But, I am going to make it excruciatingly difficult to keep your hands off your cock. You KNOW you won’t be allowed to cum, but I encourage you to stroke. Sure, go ahead – I know my yummy feet and legs sure are tempting! Deep down inside you’re such a feetsexual. I’ll even give you specific jerk instructions – how many, how fast. Actually, I’ll even go as far as giving you FAKE cum countdowns. You’ve been conditioned to cum after I count backwards from 10, or 5, or 3…2…1…. but today these countdowns will be to total DENIAL. You’ll edge. You’ll stop. and stop for me. Stop and start. Over and over, with no release in sight. ,

Date: April 1, 2023
Actors: Latex Barbie