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Supergirls vs Males – Mira – The Warrior Step-Sister – Fatal Blunder – Evangelism By My Hands – Hand Over Mouth


My name is Step-Sister Mira and I am the security chief of the church. I am experienced in many different martial arts and combat sports. My job is to keep the safety of the church leaders and donations. Today I have to take all the week’s donations to the bank, come from the largest temple that I supervise, But a slimy thief is after me and he attacks me to steal the money. This was a fatal blunder, because he is going to know God’s wrath!!I I didn’t finish with this stray lamb, I still have the need to dominate, so I grab him and I smother him hard with my hands. His face is getting red as I have my hand over his mouth and for sure he thinks he is going to on my hands! But after brutal smothering, I spare his life and he can continue the repentance!

Date: May 13, 2023
Actors: Mira