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Tsarina Baltic – Eye Contact Challenge


On this is not going to be easy, you’re set to lose right from the begining. You can barely keep eye contact anyway, it’s so dumb, even when you try your best it just slips, you think I don’t see it? You’re mesmerized by my perfect cleavage, just the cleavage, and that shiny bikini, shrinking, barely holding my tits at all, just pushing on them… Look away if you can’t see my eyes, when my tits are getting closer and closer to the screen, don’t PEEP! Yeah, you’re a goner, there’s no way you can keep your eyes on mine, it’s just so typical, your willpower is on the floor just like the rest of you. Typical Beta Loser Behaviour. And big sore beta losers pay up. You’re so pussywhipped you’ll thank me too, congratulate me for making you lose. It’s just the truth!

Date: April 3, 2023
Actors: Tsarina Baltic