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Subby Hubby – Professor Helena, Professor Stella – Teachers’ Pets Part 1: Foot Worship


Professor Helena and Professor Stella are celebrating the end of another successful semester by enjoying a glass of wine together and reminiscing about the past few months. Stella confesses that she might have had a little extra curricular fun with some of her students. Helena seems surprised but she has some secrets of her own. She also has had some fun with her students. As long as they’re obedient and do what she says! They decide that the perfect way to celebrate would be to call up some of their star performers to come over to have some fun! The guys show up to the house and the ladies inform them that they are going to have a special party to celebrate the end of the semester. That’s if they are “up” to the challenge! The guys agree to do whatever their teachers have in mind. Stella has her student get on his knees and take off her high heel shoes. He is a little reluctant but this is just a part of the arrangement Stella has with her pupil. Helena tells her student to get down on his knees and do the same service for her. At first, he says no, but Helena has a way to make disobedient students, obedient. They both are made to lick, kiss and suck on Stella and Helena’s feet and toes. The guys are told to lay on their backs as the ladies rest their feet on their pupil’s faces. Helena and Stella shove their feet down the now subservient guys mouths. After worshipping their teachers’ feet satisfactorily, the guys are told that there will be more training and that they have a long day ahead. Stella tells her obedient pupils to strip naked and put on the pink slave collars that she is holding. The ladies have a fun day planned!

Date: April 20, 2023