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Mistress An Li – Underdesk Foot Freak – Asian Boot Fetish


Tied up for hours, objectified, ignored. It’s how I like my slaves. Treat them like the objects they are, and not like humans (because they’re not). A good slave is out of sight, out of mind. A good slave is seen, not heard.And that’s exactly how my slave is. He’s been tied up underneath the kitchen table for an hour or more. His arms and legs are sore from the restrictive rope bondage, binding up his limbs in frogties and wingties that are perilously suspended from the table. He has my worn panties on his head, the crotch conveniently on his nose, and his balls are tied in predicament bondage, pulled each time he moves his arms. And the cherry on top? An e-stim unit attaches via electrode to his balls, the controls on the table for easy manipulative access for me. He struggles, but is slowly giving up hope of ever having freedom or being treated like someone who deserves freedom.I keep him under desk for my own amusement. He doesn’t deserve to stand at my level, nor does he deserve to be seen. He’s just the little object that I keep by my bare feet.So while I sit by the kitchen table, browsing through my phone, vaping, and ignoring him, he worships my bare feet on the ground. A good little foot cleaner and a convenient little foot rest. I enjoy turning the electrical unit up and down to hear him groan in rhythmic pain to it – a nice little soundtrack to my day.And when I’m done? I’ll leave him where he belongs – out of sight, out of mind.

Date: April 5, 2023
Actors: Mistress An Li