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Mistress Lady Renee – Mistress Lady Renee puts the maid over Her knee


I keep My maid busy with tasks, ensuring all of her time is filled with menial tasks serving her Mistress. When I see My maid is taking far too long to complete some cleaning, I decide it is time to punish her. I lift her frilly skirt, exposing a perky unblemished bottom. Too long since she has been punished last and now it’s time to rectify the situation. I spank her cheeks, bare handed, each one landing with a great ‘slap’ on her backside. This sissy maid has no chance of getting a release from chastity with performance like this. I lower her panties, exposing the full bare backside. I put her over My knee and paddle the naughty maid. I tell her ‘Naughty maids must be punished’ to which all I expect in reply is ‘yes Mistress’. Standing to paddle the backside I can take full swing and land the paddle square on the bottom. Red cheeks under a frilly pink skirt, this is how I love to keep My maid.

Date: April 4, 2023