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Mistress Ava Back, Tiffany Naylor – Whips and smoke


Mistress Ava Black and Tiffany Naylor slave is all tied up and at Mistresses’ mercy. They enjoy a cigarette while they tell him exactly what they are going to do with him. There is no emotion, no sympathy for him. They simply want him to know exactly what’s coming his way and how it’s going to hurt him oh so very much! But they like that. They spit their ashy smoke right into his mouth and he savours this small morsel of affection from them before what’s to come. He’s about to have a hard time and he knows it! And when it starts with them stubbing out their cigarettes on his cock and body his heart leaps! They whip the ash off with their cigarettes, mocking him as they do so. The lick of the dragon’s tongue is more than he can handle and he leaps about in agony. The slave’s pain doesn’t elicit any response from the Mistresses other than to increase his suffering. Every so often he is afforded their delicious Mistress spit to ease the pain and take away the acrid taste of the cigarettes. He is their human ashtray and whipping post. And Miss Tiffany Naylor makes him hold onto her cigarette in his mouth while she whips his cock. He is going to be amusing to them whether he enjoys it or not! Watching his little white booty fling around while they whip his bottom is highly amusing to these Mistresses! Shame he doesn’t seem to share their sentiment! And when Mistresses really ramp up the hurt with some double flogging he leaps about in agony while they squeal for joy! They really work up a sweat hurting this slave. A delicious Femdom clip!

Date: May 10, 2023