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Miss Porcelain B – Forever Single


Something that you are literally going to never want to admit but I know is the truth is that you are going to be forever single!Yes that’s right! You’re going to be single forever!You’re never going to get to be with anyone like me, you’ll always be single and that’s because you are a loser, a reject that nobody wants and that nobody will EVER want.So just remember that women like me, hot and gorgeous, is never going to choose someone like you.This is the closest you’ll ever get to someone like me so let it sink in for a moment, you’re always going to be single, forever. The only thing that’s only going to get my attention is your cold hard cash, that’s it! You’re a loser, a reject and nobody wants you and neither do I, so pay up because I ain’t speaking to a nobody like you for free.

Date: April 2, 2023