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Lindsey Leigh – Joi For Sweat Licker


I have just had an intense LaGree workout (full work out playing in smaller screen) I am incredibly sweaty and my thong is very moist.I begin showing off all the areas that reek of body odor like my bra line, armpits and butt crack. I notice you salivating and touching your cock before I even rename you, “towely for Lindsey”. You jump at the opportunity to lick every bead of sweat off my body. I demand you suck my thong dry before moving to my under boob sweat. Now you can jerk for ten seconds. Lick under both my armpits and move to my ass crack. Now you may stroke for seven seconds. We repeat this until every inch of my work out body is dry and your cock dripping. You like to be my sweat towel? Prove it with your sick scent loving load!

Date: March 29, 2023
Actors: Lindsey Leigh