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SubbyHubby – Hope Harper – Hope Harper’s Pathetic Husband Part 1


Goddess Hope Harper has finale had enough of her loser husband. If he screws up one more thing he will do as she says or it’s divorce court. When Toby Arrives home early he informs his wife Hope as tears run down his cheeks that he has lost his job again. She is so furious with her loser of a husband, she threatens him with divorce or a collar and chastity. Since this pathetic bitch is already on his knees, she puts the collar around his neck and begins his training. If he wants this marriage to last he will do as told. Goddess Hope makes her new bitch start from the bottom and makes him kiss and lick her beautiful ass. Then as he starts to do as told she tells her new collared bitch that not one drop of his saliva better touch her tight pink pussy or else. She shoves his head into her ass to the point he is gasping for air. “Better get used to it honey because your new role in this relationship is my bitch”.

Date: April 8, 2023
Actors: Hope Harper