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Latin Beauties in High Heels – The Queen Joanna – Faceslapped


It is a very hot day in the farm of pain. The supreme Queen of the farm, calls her human fan to refresh her during this particulary hot day. When she asks her slave for the cigarretes she ordered him to get, the stupid slave says that he forgot to buy the cigarretes for his owner! What a mistake… The Queen will proceed to verify that his slave knows the 3 basic rules of the farm of pain… which are… 1. Always kneel while in the presence of Her Majesty. 2. Never look at her sublime eyes unless she allows it. 3. To serve, to obey and to please her Majesty’s more meaningless whims… She will proceed to face slap her slave nicely to remember him who is in charge and what her rules are! We are glad to start exploring new categories in the coming updates. Stay tuned.

Date: May 22, 2023
Actors: Queen Joanna