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Girls Next Door TEAM BALLBUSTER – Worlds Strongest Ballbuster Part 2


This is another incredible clip featuring the Muscle bulging, Tit Popping out, super hot, Sheila Rock. In possibly her hottest outfit yet, Sheila looks unreal in her tight, wet look, thong bikini set as she struts around showing off her superior figure, her amazing strength and her innovative techniques for Crushing Nuts! First, Sheila gives you an up close look at every sexy muscle she has as she displays several muscle filexing poses for her Legs, Ass, Back, Arms and Abs. Then she easily Squats down, grabs a 200lbs man, and Fireman Carries him up on her shoulders. She strategically positions her shoulder into his groin, and balances his weight on his Balls as she bounces him up and down, and jams her shoulder and uppercuts up into his Nads. His own weight is Squashing his genitals as she bounces up and down with her crazy strong legs. Eventually she lets him back onto the ground, but unfortunately for him, she continues to torment him as she Slams several HARD Knees into his package before lifting him up again for another Lift and Carry that punishes his Testicles! Next time his feet touch the ground, he quickly drops to his knees when she rams another Ball Crushing knee into his aching Testicles. Next, Sheila positions herself behind the video victim and she reaches between his legs, and around his hips as she uses a Bear Hug like maneuver to Lift him high into the air. Since her hands are locked in his groin, almost all of this guy’s weight is forced onto his own balls, and this Muscle Diva won’t let him down until she feels a POP! When she finally releases him from the Nut Crushing Lift and Carry, she pulverizes him with a Hard Ball Destroying Kick. The SMACK/CRUNCH sound is enough to send shivers down your spine! Sheila’s next Ballbusting Feat of Strength is a new style of the Ballbusting Airplane Leg Lift she hasn’t yet done at Team BALLBUSTER. The victim is facing her, and pinned against a wall, as Sheila’s Feet press up into his Groin and Lift him off the ground completely Crushing his Balls between his body and her vicious little feet. Sheila pumps and grinds her feet up into him as he begs to be let down. When she does finally let him down, she Flutter Kicks him repeatedly and Stomps him to the ground. Sheila’s finally Ballbusting trick, features a Lift and Carry where she essentially “Piggy Backshe larger male on her back, as she bounces and grinds her lower back between his spread legs. The victim is clearly in pain as she loves the feeling of his Balls threatening to Rupture from her strength. She eventually shrugs him off her back and unleashes 3 brutal donkey kicks to the Balls which send him to the floor crying for good. If you really think you’re man enough to session with this woman, be sure to check our her email link listed at the end of the clip (serious inquiries only – clients must be willing to sign a waiver due to her excessive strength and power).

Date: May 3, 2023