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Lady Karame – Serve me and lick my dirty hunter boots – Boot Fetish


Serve me and lick my hunter boots! Lady Karame gives you the unique chance to prove yourself as a slave contender: You can lick the dirt off her Hunter boots! If you are doing well, you have taken the first hurdle to slavery and may be able to enter the next round as a potential slave to the Mistress. But be warned: Many have already failed, because lick completely dirty boots with the slave tongue, is not so easy as slave imagines. But do not worry, she will give you very specific instructions and will direct your tongue from sole groove to sole groove until the whole Hunter boot sole is clean. To sit well she takes another slave contender which she uses as a bench seat. He might tell you what privilege it is to become her slave, but a bench is not known to speak, but remains silent as the mistress sits down on them. She holds her boot sole in front of your face, now you have to lick, loosen the mud from the sole, swallow, lick more. The best thing you can do is swallow the little stones, and do not dare to make a face, slave contender. Let’s see if you survive this first humiliation ritual

Date: April 22, 2023
Actors: Lady Karame