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Mistress Gitta – The Deserved Rewards – Female Domination – Cane, Anal


If you got a slave who is so miserable, you want to torture him as many ways as you can, would you just let him go with a few scratches? Of course Mistress Gitta would not let leave that way and the good opportunity go. So when her slave got back from the barber she decided to play with him for a while. He liked his new haircut and his shaved face, but the hair on his body made the lady feel disgusted. So first she mocked the poor guys cock, she laughed at his tiny seize, after it she brought in the needles. But her hunger for more fun just grew with every stick, so she put on her favourite, big black strap-on and made the slave suck it while she mocked and laughed at him. But the slave did something in a wrong way, so the lady got really angry and hit him a few times while yelling with him.

Date: April 4, 2023
Actors: Mistress Gitta