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Jasmine Mendez – Wrestling Sex Challenge


You and a guy friend are at your house he’s been trying to sleep with you for years so you offer him a wrestling challenge. If he wins you’ll sleep with him but if he loses he has to be your lifetime slave. Since he figures there’s no way he can lose to a girl he accepts. You then proceed to destroy him will all types of different scissors with reverse being my favorite. As he’s gasping for air you then tease him about being your slave and how he didn’t think this through. You tell him he’ll be permanently in chastity and be financially dominated and pegged regularly. Feel free to add anything you wish . After about 10 minutes or so he get’s knocked out. When he wakes he’s in some form of bondage all locked up in chastity with a collar on his neck. You then decide you like this arrangement much better than before and tease the hell out of him causing him much suffering in chastity. He begs and begs for mercy to which you laugh just before gagging him.

Date: April 4, 2023
Actors: Jasmine Mendez