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Lola’s Violent Legs


The pain-slave gets a faceful of Lola’s incredible ass; her legs explode in tiny lycra shorts, and on Charles’ neck. The powerful pretty girl makes him wipe his sweat off her amazing legs then jams the sweaty towel in his mouth as she delivers gut punches, then climbs his back on the bed, burying him in her rear naked choke, pulling back as he moans in pain through the towel. Lola forces his head in her legs and her ass n locks on a reverse headscissors. Her powerful ass makes his creak and gasp as she tells him to take more. Lola’s ass alone is addicting enough just watching – and seeing it flex pain on the pain-slut’s neck is eye-popping. She looks back as she loves causing pain. She says she feels like a snake with its prey, making him tap over and over with little but the power of her ass. She makes him crawl on his hands n knees. Brutal and humiliating standing headscissors — the tall girl owns him. Straight headscissors continue to own him as she threatens him not to push back against her. A brutal rear naked choke as he croaks his pleas. “Don’t you dare think you can take that out of your mouth; I want you to taste every drop of sweat” she says, putting him in a painful surfboard, her big calf flexing. She shakes her ass in his face and presses down with the towel in his mouth as he panics under her. She stomps him in the gut repeatedly. More standing headscissors as he screams and she taunts him. A textbook reverse headscissors, up on the balls of her feet, his head off the bed. She loves the hold and continues hurting him with it as he screams. She lets him go half in dreamland in her arms and her beauty.

Date: April 19, 2023