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Goddess Evelyn – Your New Boss CEI


You come in for a final interview and are shocked to see it’s being done by Me, the CEO of the company. I tell you that you are very qualified for this position on paper, but you seem to have small dick energy. Obviously for a job of this importance that won’t be a good fit. You’ll need to prove that you’re an alpha who deserves the corner office. You’ll need to show Me that your cock is bigger than My heels. It’s not even that hard of a task since My heels are a respectable office if you fail it will be a massive embarrassment.I allow you to stroke to My cleavage for a few minutes, but I begin to get impatient with your progress. I tell you that if you can’t pass this test you’ll only be offered a job as My assistant. It’s unpaid of course, and you’ll be required to do some very humiliating stuff. I go into detail about all the things I may make you do for Me. After a little longer of trying to get your cock bigger I end the test. I tell you that you massively failed, and your cock is now going to be called Mr. Tiny. Congratulations, you are now My bitch assistant. First task is cumming in a part of pink panties and eating your own cum.

Date: March 30, 2023
Actors: Goddess Evelyn