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Czech Soles – Bossy wife dominates her weak husband


Jack is the weaker one in his marriage with Daniela and she always gets what she wants. Today she wanted to go for a pedicure and foot massage and Jack was supposed to buy her a voucher. But he forgot. Of course! And that made Daniela pretty mad. To punish Jack, she forces him to worship her feet and high heels and to massage her feet. But they are still sweaty from those shoes and when Jack complains about it, she wipes her feet on his face to show him her dominance and humiliate him even more. He should not have forget about her voucher! And this is just the start. She now want’s all she was gonna get in the salon from Jack. He will take care of her and her feet and be a doormat for her if she will desire so. She’s the boss here!

Date: May 3, 2023
Actors: Daniela