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ClubStiletto – Mistress Misha and Goddess Hazel – Their Stinky Pits and Dirty feet


Mistress Misha and Goddess Hazel have been working their slaves over big time and in the process have worked up quite a sweat. Misha never shaves her armpits and the hair really holds the sweat and smell but Hazel is pretty moist down there as well. As this scene opens they are relaxing on the bed and talking about their day and how all the action got them hot and sweaty. “I’m too tired to get up and shower, why don’t we call in our slaves?” Hazel says. They call the slaves in who eagerly start licking the pungent pits… but not before they are told to smell them first. “I wonder what they like more, armpits or farts?” Hazel says. They both laugh because they know the slaves like nasty things. Misha says they could use more slaves to attend to the other pits… and their feet too. Misha then tells her slave to remove her stockings as the girls now want their feet worshiped. The girls change places and switch slaves just to mix it up. They have the slaves suck their toes and lick between  them and then use their hands to massage their soles. Hazel then realizes that their other armpits weren’t licked clean so they call the slaves up to finish the job… although truly a slaves work is never done!

Date: May 26, 2023