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ClubStiletto – Goddess Keket – I married your Pa now you’re My SLAVE – You’re My toilet paper


Keket has turned her boy into her slave after finding him in her closet sniffing her dirty laundry. In the second scene she has introduced the idea of full toilet servitude and as this scene opens we find her plunking in the toilet, her shorts down to her knees. She reaches for the toilet paper and there is only one square left. Well she has been talking about this for a while now so she calls for Junior to come into the bathroom. He comes crawling in with his leash in his mouth as he has been trained to do. She reprimands him for not changing the paper toilet roll but says there will be no need for toilet paper anymore. Junior is still freaked out about the idea and he starts to protest, he can’t imagine being a schl1t eater. Excuse me, are you talking back to me?” she asks him. “No, no mammy” he replies.Keket drops her shorts and pulls him in by the head and tells him to clean her up. He eagerly licks her pussy but then she stands up and gives him her sweet dirty ass. She needs it cleaned and licked lovingly. He struggles and says it’s gross but she tells him to shut up and says he’ll get used to it. Like a good boy he does as told and soon is eating her eagerly. Keket calls him a good boy and says next he will be her actual toilet and she will relieve herself right in his mouth. “You will appreciate my dumps” she tells him. “I’m so glad I caught you sniffing my underwear” she says and now clean sends junior out of the room until she has something else she needs done.

Date: May 3, 2023
Actors: Goddess Keket