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Brat Princess 2 – Macy, Raquel – Edging Goon Wins Blue Ball Balloons


Macy wants more and more from her chastity goon. She’s nearly completely financially drained him. This year Macy wants her goon to win the chastity contest for her. The goon begs Macy to not dismiss him, but he’s going to need to prove his worth. If he wants to stay in service to Macy he will need to win the chastity contest this year. The goon is swelling in his chastity cage. It’s been forever since he’s had a release. Macy and her friend, Raquel, want to see how the beta might fair in the contest. They want the beta to try to go from edge to full chastity in 30 seconds. If he can do it, he will win the prize of two blue ball balloons. The girls laugh at Macy’s goon while he edges. He’s such a jerk zombie! The goon fails to go from edge to chastity on the first try. He’s over by a fraction of a second. The girls make him do it again. He gets it on the second time in just 20 seconds! The girls are happy with the swelling in his balls. He’s a shoo-in for the winner this year. The goon wants to quit, but the girls want him to keep running chastity drills even though they know that he can do it. Practice makes perfect for the tired old goon! The goon edges for a very long time. He fights the girls, but they force him to keep edging for them. They run the drill a third time. This time the beta is too hard and cannot run the chastity drill. The beta must go from edge to chastity in 30 seconds regardless of how hard he is! They make him run the drill a fourth time. This time the beta nearly has an accidental orgasm. The beta begs the girls to call the drilling to an end. The girls have him go into chastity one last time and he does it in just 10 seconds! The girls are pleased with this result. The beta is happy to be back in chastity and no longer forced to edge. The girls tie two blue ball balloons to his chastity device as a reward. Now he can show off his blue balloons in public and everyone will know what a good goon he is for his Princess! Maybe Macy will hang on to the old codger.

Date: April 12, 2023
Actors: Macy / Raquel