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Mistress Iside – Executed Balls


Is it really so difficult to respect simple orders even if they somehow contrast the most hidden primordial instincts? It would seem so! A slave is even ready to take risks at the cost of sacrificing his balls to have that moment of pleasure. But now it’s enough !!! This situation must absolutely change !!! My friends and I are really pissed off about the behavior of this useless wanker. Now it’s time to show him what three really pissed off Mistresses can do with two miserable and useless balls. At rotation, one of us decides to keep this worm with wide open legs in order to hit the target well and kick with maximum power. Our goal is to destroy anything that remotely appeals to some form of manhood to the point of completely eradicating any possibility of pleasure. We want simple asexual puppets at our service, ready to run immediately to fulfill our every wish. And now it’s time to hit the target !!!

Date: April 19, 2023
Actors: Mistress Iside