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Brat Princess 2 – Kat, Kaylie – House Boot Cleaner (4K)


Brat Princess Kat loves to humiliate her boot licking slave. It is kept hog tied in the entry way waiting to clean her boots when she comes home. Kat wants to show off to Kaylie how fun it is to have her old teacher be her boot licker. Kat tells Kaylie to stomp in the mud with her boots to make them really dirty. Kaylie does not understand why she wants her boots to be dirty! Kat marches up to the house and walks in. Her boot licking slave has been waiting there for hours to clean her boots. She kicks its head to start the cleaning. They are so dirty with so much mud! The old fool obediently licks her boots! (This idiot use to be her teacher!) Kaylie loves it! After the slave licks most of the caked up mud off their boots they wipe the rest on his back like it was a door mat. Then they walk into the living room and sit down on the couch. Kat makes her slave slither to them! It is so humiliating the old teacher slithers likes a snake up to the girls boots and continues licking them clean. Then they take off their boots and make him smell their sweaty socks. The girls even take off their socks and shove them in its mouth and hold their stinky toes underneath its nose. It has to smell them! The girls then make the boot licker worship and clean their feet before his is forced to crawl back into the entry way waiting for the rest of the girls to come home! This is a great behind the scenes view of a life at the Brat Princess sorority house and how males are used.

Date: April 7, 2023
Actors: Kat / Kaylie