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Humiliation POV – Kat Danz – Young Bratty Goth Girl Loves Homewrecking Married Pervs


Kat Danz!So I see you’ve accepted my invitation to come over here. Where’s your wife? Is she at work? Or did you leave her at home all alone while you’re out with someone younger and hotter that you’re way more attracted to? Face it, you know you get way harder for my tight young body than you ever could that ugly wife that you have. And it’s not your fault really, I mean who could blame you. You don’t crave her anymore, you crave something different, something more like me. Young, tight bratty bodies like this turn you on so much. You could so easily get addicted to my body. Addicted to cheating on your wife with me. Addicted to my very being. Because you don’t have any morals any more. You know that all went out the door the moment you saw me.I’ll bet you love seeing me on all fours. You’d probably love to fuck me in this position. Imagine sliding your married cock into my tight, young pussy. I love playing with married men. I love corrupting them with my hot, tight, young body. I can see you getting all weak for me, you’re letting me take over your mind. Just by moving my ass in front of your face I could get you to consider a divorce lol. But I don’t need you to do that, I’d rather you be married to her and fuck me anyways, it makes it more taboo, more wrong for you. It makes naughtier and kinkier, and you need that in your vanilla boring ass sex life.I love making married cocks leak for my tight young body lol. It’s a specialty of mine. It’s happening right now lol. I love turning married men away from their boring wives, giving them some excitement in their lives by showing them these things that they could never have, like me and my body. You’d rather jerkoff to me than fuck your wife. That’s so sad. This is what your life has come to, begging for a young girl’s tight body instead of asking your wife for sex lol. But the real reason you don’t fuck her anymore is because you can’t get hard for her anymore. You’re not attracted to her. Your perversions lean more towards the younger side. You see my tight young body and you can’t get enough. It makes you so fucking hard.Just looking at my body makes you hard, that’s the power that girls like me have over men like you. You don’t even try to fight it anymore, you know it’s hopeless. You will give in to a hot girls’ body any time you see one on your screen. All I have to do is be a little bossy and bratty and you give in immediately. I’m going to get you so addicted to me that it will ruin your marriage. I see your wandering eyes, I know you can’t stop jerking off to me. My hot little body has a hold on you. Don’t you feel like a terrible husband? You’re being enticed by a hot, young brat while your wife’s at home all alone. All you care about is being a huge perv, perving on younger girls.The more you goon to my tight young body the more addicted you get. You can’t stop staring at me. You wish I’d let you touch it. Maybe if you weren’t such a dirty, disgusting pervert! You’re going to get so addicted. It will start with you jerking off to my pictures, my videos. You’ll cum to them and you’ll feel guilty because you won’t be able to stop yourself and you’ll never fuck your wife anymore. And she won’t know why, because you keep it from her, you start keeping secrets from her. You want to be a good husband but it’s so hard when hot sluts like me exist lol.Cumming to me feels so much better than cumming with your wife. And that guilt, it will slowly be replaced by an urge to do it all over again. And so you’ll make a habit of it. You’ll start humping your hand to my young body over and over again. And every single time it will feel so good. But soon you’ll feel like it’s not enough, and you’ll need more. And that’s when you’ll start begging me to fuck me, hoping I’ll be a good slut for you and let you use my body for your pleasure. You’ll drool at my feet for the chance to fuck me. And you’ll fuck your married dick into your hand, imaging fucking my hot, young body. And you won’t be able to stop jerking to me lol.You just want to commit the ultimate act of infidelity but you know that’s not where it’s going to end. You’ll keep jerking and begging and coming back for more, you’re going to become obsessed with me. And you won’t be able to stop cheating on your wife with me, every chance you get. You don’t care about your marriage, you have no morals, you’re just a dirty old man who wants to get off with a hot, young brat like me. You’re a dirty, nasty cheater, but you don’t care. You need this. So go on, cum for me, drain your balls for this hot, young homewrecking brat lol. Good boy lol. This experience was better than anything your wife has ever given you. And you don’t even feel the least bit shameful, do you?

Date: March 30, 2023
Actors: Kat Danz