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Brat Princess 2 – Becky – Chastity slave Used for Wallet and Worship (1080 HD)


Becky is mad at her cuckold slave because he only bought her a new dress in one color. She wanted to get it in all the colors because she doesn’t know yet which color her date will prefer. Becky makes her cuckold slave take off her shoes and worship her feet. The slave has to clean and lick between her toes. Becky smiles. She loves humiliating her cuck. A real man would never suck her toes. The cuck knows it isn’t a real man and is happy to serve its beautiful Goddess with foot worship. The cuck must stay inside the house, locked in chastity, while Becky is out with a real man. Becky makes the cuck put her shoes back on so that she can go out on her date. Then, it must go get its wallet so that he can pay for the date. The cuckold complains. If his Princess takes his wallet now, then how will he be able to make his weekly tribute? That is not Becky’s problem. The cuck will need to figure that out on his own.

Date: April 8, 2023
Actors: Becky