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American Mean Girls – Princess Alexandria – Cleanliness is Next to Goddess liness – The Mean Girls


OMG, You absolutely wouldn’t believe how stupid and disgusting My lil beta bitch ginger is.  This unbelievable fuck asked permission to use the restroom during one of Our shoots and I told it to hurry back because it was needed for the next video.  Lo and behold this idiot thinks that means I want it to piss and get back so fast that it doesn’t wash its hands…. EWWWWWW, FUCKING GROSS YOU MAGGOT….So right then I was done with it… this thing needed to learn, and it was a perfect opportunity because Princess Alexandria had just come by for the day and had never yet caned a loser, so We laid right into this thing and made it remember We don’t want disgusting slaves… (yes you are all disgusting but try and minimize it as much as you can loser..) Nothing gets on My nerves more than stupid, clueless, unable to use logic losers…  this thing got its ass kicked for its stupidity.  See what happens when you are up to expectations beta bitch…

Date: April 6, 2023