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DomNation – Mistress Eva Cruz – Dance Bitch Dance


Please join us in welcoming our newest cruel addition to the DomNation line up. Mistress Eva Cruz an LA based Dominatrix. She has a strong and authoritative presence that can put almost any sub to his knees. She is outspoken, very verbal and strives to maintain eye contact while engaging a submissive which greatly heightens her desirability. She can be devilishly cruel and almost angelically sensual! All great attributes in our book! You should be seeing much more of her in the future and we hope that you enjoy her as much as we do! Mistress Eva Cruz is in a fun loving mood this fine evening and is feeling a little on the mischievous side. She kinda feels like getting a male stripper but ends up having a much better and more comical idea.She calls her slave and orders him to arrive in nothing more than go go boots and his underwear. Once he’s there the fun begins. She demands that he be sexy for her, degrades him by making him perform a lap dance and then orders him to get on  platform with a stripper pole and dance sexy for her. She even provides extra incentive as she menacingly cracks her bull whip just inches from him.She finally orders him to strip down, slowly, as she orchestrates his every move in humiliating fashion as she stands off to the side giggling and swirling her whip in sheer amusement as her buffoon for a slave provides her entertainment for the evening…

Date: April 3, 2023