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The Real Queendom – Domina Helena Locke – Sweaty Smotherbox Facesitting


While traveling, Domina Helena prefers to stay at fabulous Femdom Hotels where each room comes with complimentary human furniture. Helena’s human furniture comes in the form a a scrawny male who has been wrapped tightly to a bench with his head trapped in a smotherbox! Helena has just returned from a long session at the hotel gym where she worked up an incredible sweat (most likely running on the human treadmill)! With her leggings still damp with her sweat, Helena is ready to break in her hotel smother slave! “Do you like stinky ass on your face?” Helena asks while grinding against the slave’s trapped face. The slave’s face is raised far above the level of the smotherbox’s seat cushion, ensuring that the slave’s nose slips deep between Helena’s sweaty cheeks while his face bears the majority of her weight. When Helena turns around for reverse facesitting the slave’s face completely disappears beneath her ass. “Stop acting like you need air,” she says, beating the slave with a sweaty towel when he tries to struggle. When Helena does lift up she keeps her ass close to the slave’s face, making sure the slave breathes in her sweaty scent with each breath! Halfway through Helena generously decides to remove her leggings and allow the slave to feel her lovely, soft cheeks while he suffocates. With the leggings gone the slave is no treated to the full smell and feel of Helena’s sweaty butt. By the time Helena is through sitting the slave’s face will never smell the same again!

Date: April 4, 2023